Hasland Surgery Appointments

Access the online appointment system

Please note that that booking appointments is currently unavailable at this time. Please check back in a while.

Telephoning For an Appointment

There are several appointments lines into the surgery and when they are busy then there is a short stacking system where you might be asked to hold the line for a few minutes. Our staff always try to answer the lines promptly but there obviously are times when demand is high and short waits are inevitable. The lines are busiest at 8am when the surgery opens.

Please remember that the receptionists have been asked by the GPs to ask you some questions. This is to make sure that they are able to book appointments in an effective manner - for example if you have a problem with your skin they may suggest that you book with a GP with an interest in dermatology. If you have a minor illness you may be seen quicker by our Nurse Practitioner - who is highly trained and able to prescribe.

Please remember that they are just doing their jobs well and not being nosey for the sake of it. They are bound by strict codes of confidentiality. If you feel that you can give us some brief details then that is very much appreciated.

Appointment Availability

You can book your appointment up to 1 month in advance for the Doctors, and 3 months in advance for the nurse. If you think you have a medically urgent problem but no appointments are available tell the receptionist, who will arrange for a doctor to speak to you. For genuinely urgent problems which cannot wait, patients will normally be seen on the same day. However, we do request that patients refrain from requesting this unless there is a genuine urgent need.

If your child is ill during surgery hours, please contact the surgery. You will either be given an appointment to see a clinician that day, or a doctor will phone you back to decide if your child needs an appointment.

Duration of Appointments

The doctors are working with a system of 10 minute appointments. Triage by telephone is taking place in the first instance and patients will be invited for appointments by the GPs if felt necessary.

Please bear in mind that if you bring more than one problem to a consultation, it may be difficult for your doctor to manage more than one issue and you may be asked to return to another appointment. If you feel that your appointment needs to be longer, then it is possible to request a double appointment when booking.

If you are late for an appointment it may not be possible for you to be seen.

Nurse Practitioners

Please remember that our Nurse Practitioners have had further specialist training and are available to deal with a range of medical problems.

Telephone Advice

To speak to a doctor please telephone between 12:00 -12:30 and 15:00 – 15:30.

Extended Hours

We are currently offering extended hours for pre-booked appointments as follows: Monday Evenings 18:30 -19:15. In addition to this we have access to evening and weekend appointments - please ask for a hub appointment when booking.