New Patient Check-In System

Cutting Down The Queues

During busy times, you may have to wait for long periods queuing to confirm you have arrived, this can be extremely frustrating.

Our new patient check-in system means that you can check in for your appointment quickly and easily without having to visit reception. This reduces the time you have to wait to confirm you have arrived and helps to improve your check in experience.

Reception staff are often required to perform multiple tasks in a day, including answering phone calls, responding to patient queries, and checking patients in for their appointment. This saves staff time allowing them to spend more time on their other responsibilities.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic made it necessary for people to observe social distancing guidelines to contain the spread of the desease. Our new patien check-in system enables us to easily adhere to these guidelines and help to make our surgeries a safer place to visit

Our new check-in system goes even further by allowing you to confirm you have arrived for your appointment using a contactless QR code option. Contactless check-in allows you to scan a QR code on the check-in screen using your smartphone and then enter your details confirming your arrival. This helps reduce the risk of cross infection even further.